Here are some of the member benefits:

The Call for scores: Each chapter may issue a call for scores and any member of NACUSA and our Cascadia chapter is eligible for sending scores and recordings for performance consideration to any of the other chapters when a call for scores is issued by them. Potential performances of the chamber music of Cascadia members may occur in Washington, Oregon, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Baton Rouge, Tennessee and Virginia.

If you are a NACUSA member with a web site URL listed on the Member Links page, it is automatically included in the NACUSA Web Ring.

A NACUSA/Cascadia member will have free inclusion in our online Member Catalogue and Member CD’s, Audio Samples, and Member Links pages along with various networking opportunities.

A NACUSA/Cascadia member will have various networking opportunities, as well as the previously mentioned E-Bulletins regarding calls for scores, competitions, and grants. Also included is participation in the annual composition contest and score exchange program.  For additional information about NACUSA, please view the following web site:

Although primarily a composer organization, the NACUSA/Cascadia chapter also offers opportunities to others as mentioned below:

If you’re a performer, please visit our online Member Catalog. It lists 2249 works by 160 NACUSA composers and provides tools for customized searches. If you’re a broadcaster or a listener, please visit our online Member CDs page. It lists 151 CDs by 68 NACUSA composers.



The yearly dues for joining NACUSA/Cascadia are:

National (regular) = $30.00
National (students and seniors age 65-79) = $15.00
National (seniors age 80+) = FREE

Chapter (regular) = $30.00
Chapter (students and seniors age 65-79) = $15.00
Chapter (seniors age 80+) = FREE

Friend = $50.00 to $74.00
Patron = $75.00 to $99.00
Benefactor = $100.00 or more

Please see the Join NACUSA! page on the main web site for additional information on dues and payment methods. Additional information will be provided to any person wishing to join the Cascadia Chapter.

Monthly Meetings

A valuable benefit of membership is the opportunity to interact with other local composers.  See Monthly Meetings page for further details.