Monthly Presentations

Join us for a series of presentations by our members –

Free and open to the public!

Held (unless otherwise noted) every second Monday in

Room 219, Lincoln Hall at Portland State University.

(1620 SW Park Ave., Portland, OR 97201 –

Room 219 is just off the SW stairwell’s 2nd floor landing.)

Social time ~7:15 PM // First presentation 7:30 PM //

Second presentation (if there are two) 8:15 PM

For additional information, contact Liz Nedela.

September 16, 2019: Special Presentation on Koto – Mitsuki Dazai-Church

October 14, 2019 : Timothy O’Brien // Nicholas Yandell

Timothy O’Brien’s latest studio release, Soundbath, is a project that collides classical music and electronic recording. This project explores the fine line between ambient sound and minimal music, swaying back and forth between the two. Recorded and produced with an IPhone, IPad, and Fruity Loops Mobile Studio, Timothy has minimized technological needs and made a project that is as accessible to make as it is to experience. Prepare to immerse yourself in this ambient project and find out more about Timothy’s inspiration that is embedded in the project.

Nicholas Yandell: For the first part of my presentation, I will be talking about my work Crisis Actor (for string quartet, percussion, and a reader), which was premiered at the 45th Parallel concert: “I Spat in the Eye of Hate and Lived”. I will discuss the poem I worked with (written by Micah Fletcher) and how I approached composing music to accompany performed, spoken poetry. For the second part: I will present and discuss my piece Just Minutes Ago: A Retrospective, and talk about formally composing for rock band instrumentation, the concept behind the title, and the influence of Post-rock music.

November 11, 2019 : Mark Vigil // Greg Steinke

December 9, 2019 : Matthew Andrews // Bonnie Miksch

January 13, 2020 : Gershon Wolfe

February 10, 2020 : Alexander LaFollett // Lisa Neher

March 9, 2020 : TBA // Elizabeth Blachly-Dyson

April 13, 2020 : Aszemar Glenn

May 11, 2020 : David Bernstein

June 8, 2020 : Adam Eason